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"The collaboration with IDC resulted in a workshop that was well structured and was a right mix of hands-on experience and knowledge transfer."

Andries Reymer
Project Engineer & Innovation – Additive Manufacturing - Sirris

“Innowiz is a very handy roadmap every creative process, easy to use. It gives you a common language and collective guide during a process when understanding each other is crucial.”

Pieter Michiels
Coordinator Buda-lab - Designregio Kortrijk

“As workshop leader, I have been involved in Innowiz In A Box 2014. I got to know the people behind Innowiz as a friendly well-oiled creative team. Their great deal of enthusiasm and expertise inspired me for future event concepts.”

Martijn Anderson
Business leader- Bruisende breinen

“The session we experienced was an intensive and clearly structured day which resulted in concrete ideas for our organization. In the meantime we got inspired while indirectly we bonded as a team.”

Johan Smeuninx
Managing director Toerisme en Cultuur- Davidsfonds

“We requested an Innowiz workshop for all our employees and we discovered some unexpected creative talents throughout the various departments. The result of the modelstorm that followed was simply astonishing. We look forward to further integrating the Innowiz process within our creative team and see opportunities to regularly involve other departments within our company to come up with fresh ideas.”

Luc Jennes
CEO - Globetrade / Deluco NV

“The companies of the food industry which participated in this activity found it to be very interesting and inspiring. We want more of this in the near future!”

Barbara Geschier
International entrepreneurship and innovation - Voka West-Vlaanderen

Friends of Innowiz

Friends of Innowiz are people or companies who share our thoughts about applied creativity and implementation of methods in the design thinking process. In the near future we want to join forces and introduce them and their creativity tools on this page.



The Manual Thinking tool is developed by Luki Huber in Barcelona. The tool simplifies the search for many ideas at the base of a prosperous product.

In the Manual Thinking workshop, Gerrit Jan Veldeman offers tips, methods and material to create and organise ideas.

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Manual Thinking


ThingKit is specialised in mobile products. Their User Interface Design Tool is made by and for industrial and graphic designers.

This tool is most efficient for product developers, User Interface designers and application developers.

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Tore Bleuzé


How do we connect materials and parts?

It’s a crucial question during the designing process of products, because making connections is the base for the lifecycle of a product; through the production, transport and even recycling the product.

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elevenfeet is a broad-minded, concept-based product design office. Using a good process and a clear methodology is key to developing ideas together with our clients and the project’s stakeholders. We like to use their know-how and experience in searching for solutions.

A good collaboration allows us to cluster each other’s knowledge and to devise products with a fitting and added value.

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