Our method?

Innowiz combines the four-step-method with a wide range of inspirational techniques. This gives you the opportunity to tackle your challenges most efficiently! Get to know our method and inspiration below.


The four-step-method by Innowiz makes every creative process transparent and tangible. Our method makes you experience the process using the next four steps:

  1. problem definition
  2. idea generation
  3. idea selection
  4. idea communication

This is how we ensure you that the creative progress of your project evolves most efficiently. By consistently and iteratively running through our four-step-method you are guaranteed a better implementation and realization of good solutions.

To clarify the process, we gave every step its own colour and icon. This way you quickly recognise which technique is helpful in each stage of the four-step-method. Each stage has its own mindset you can apply to hit a higher successrate.


There are many techniques which can inspire you during the creativity process. Those are scattered around the internet or in literature.

Finding the right ones for your cause would ask an enormous amount of time and effort from you. That’s where innowiz steps in.

We have combined over a hundred techniques in our four steps. These techniques stimulate your inspiration.

Thanks to our open source database, the different sessions/workshops or the tools in our e-shop, Innowiz offers you all the inspiration you need.