How are you creative?

Innowiz (Innovation Wizard) is a unique cooperation between the design education programs and research groups of both Ghent University and Howest University College West-Flanders.

The aim of the research project is to collect and diffuse the growing number of creativity tools and design thinking methods available today. Tagging these tools and methods with appropriate aspects allows any creative to sort out his or her specific combination of tools to fit the creative process he or she is working on.

Our mission?

On the one hand we help you, the creative people, the designers, the developers or the whole department. The creative process can be made much more approachable by our innowiz tools. Using our tools lowers the threshold by offering you a bunch of hands-on techniques.

On the other hand we have inspired companies, researchers, students and organisations. You can come and meet us at a planned event, workshop and/or a lecture. Or even better; you can hire us all for yourself! We come, on location, and give a workshop, lecture or a brainstorm session.

Innowiz thinks of innovation as the result of a creative process. You make reaching innovation and solving your problem more transparent by using our easy four-step-method. The Innowiz method is a cyclic step-by-step procedure you can use to fulfill every challenging project, both for private use and for professional use.

The Innowiz-method is just as useful in bringing structure to a (creative) brainstorm session. As such, you can personalize our four-step-method by using different creativity techniques. These techniques can be found on our free online database or are sold through the webshop.